Footprints cares for children from the age of 3 years and up. This room caters for up to 29 children per day, with 4 educators available to nurture and care for your child. Footprints follows a curriculum set out by the qualified early childhood teacher who leads their room, this ensures that the children get the best education and experience. Educators take note of new topics that engage your child’s interests and imagination and a themed program is developed to suit. This ensures that your child is always involved with activities and free play that stimulate learning in a fun and pleasurable manner.


Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre incorporates a Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten program into our Footprints curriculum. We are blessed with many talented and trained staff who are qualified to teach children, particularly in their Kindergarten year.


Kindergarten is a non-compulsory educational program offered to children in both public and private schools. In our centre, children are able to participate in the Kindergarten program from 3 years of age, even if their birthday falls after July 1. Our centre is able to offer Kindergarten to you on the days and hours of your choice. This suits those who are working beyond school hours so no extra afterschool care would be required.