Welcome to Canning Bridge ELC

Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre is a private not for profit childcare centre that provides education and care for 50 children between the ages of 0 and 6. The Centre is designed to provide a warm and loving environment that supports parents and promotes child development in a caring, educational and intuitive manner, helping to prepare children for their future schooling.

Support to and an extension of your home and family

We are a small cosy centre, where you will find quality relationships being formed between parents, guardians, children and teachers. We have an open door policy that encourages parents and guardians to visit and participate in their child’s education and care experience and to participate in the centre.

One of the foundations of our curriculum is that children should be encouraged to explore their world and the world around them. . They should be allowed to learn who they are and what they can be. To foster competence in dealing with life, learning to live comfortably with others, planning to master and safely express one’s feelings, learning to love life and welcome new experiences. Children should be loved unconditionally and their trust treasured so that they will benefit to their full potential under our care.

Cultural and Linguistical Diversity

Cultural diversity amongst staff and activities is valued at Canning Bridge ELC. This diversity is evident through our staff and our wide array of cultural activities. This diversity combined with the loving and caring nature of the centre allows children to develop a strong sense of community.

At Canning Bridge ELC we encourage a love of self, others, play, and learning. We believe that through this, children will develop a strong sense of self-worth, resilience, community as well as developing the foundations for responsible citizenship.

Hours of operation

Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre operates 52 weeks in the year, between 7am and 6pm. As we are providing long day care, enrolments are received year around, and we are not reliant on school terms. We provide education and care for pre-compulsory school aged children.


Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre opened in January 2015 and is located in the riverside suburb of Como, it is also conveniently close to Canning Bridge bus and train stations. Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre is just one service of The Bridge Organisation Inc., which aims to attend to and care for the needs and welfare of all individuals and families in the community irrespective of religion, ethnicity or culture.

Our purpose

Canning Bridge ELC is a trading name of The Bridge Organisation Inc. (The Bridge). The Bridge is an incorporated body created as a service of Como Baptist Church. The purpose of The Bridge is to minister and care for individuals and families within the community through the provision of educational, environmental and social services and projects. The objectives of The Bridge are to:

and care for:

The welfare of individuals & families in the community with the practical love of God.

To inspire people:

Within the church and the community to use their gifts in service for a local need.

Be actively going:

To families with the life and teaching of Jesus, through recreational and social interaction.

Be a living example:

Of the integrity of Jesus, stewarding the resources that God has provided.